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Specialist Online Publishers

Get Publishing specialises in publishing to the online superhighway in both paperback and ebook format (Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple iBookstore to name a few). I say superhighway because in the case of ebooks, you can offer them to a worldwide audience within 12 hours with no listing fees. In the case of paperbacks, after you have approved a digital proof it is available in about 5 days.

Even just by reading the content of the articles and the free book, you will realise that we have a greater knowledge of the online market than our competitors. If the online market is for you (I’m sure it will be after you’ve checked out our our expertise and prices), then why go anywhere else?

Why Do We Specialise on Online Markets?

– Where else is it possible to sell and market your work to a multi-million worldwide audience within 12 hours with no upfront cost?

– Where else do you find a store open 24/7 with a constant stream of customers?

– Where else is it possible to change anything to do with your book or listing as and when you please with no added charges?

– Where else can you get up to 70% royalties?

– Where else can you receive your royalties monthly?

– Where else are you able to offer your books to markets such as US libraries?

Why Self-Publish Online?

Self-publishing online is the easiest and most cost effective way to get huge exposure and sales for your work. Once your work is known and you gain proven seller status your achievements can then lead you on to the bricks and mortar stores. Don’t go to the expense of having huge trial print runs before trying our gateway to self-publishing success first.

Why Self-Publish?

Self-publishing is a route that many household name authors started with.

– Stephen King
– John Grisham
– Virginia Woolf
– Tom Clancy
– E L James

It is not just the modern age either. The following authors all started off self-publishing:

– Mark Twain
– Beatrix Potter
– T.S. Elliot
– Edgar Allan Poe
– D.H. Lawrence

Unless you are a proven bestseller or fit a fixed mould then big publishers generally won’t consider you.

Many Major Authors are Now Going Self-Published

With all of the benefits of self-publishing many bestselling authors who were with big publishing companies are now going down the self-publishing route. Most seem to be centred around having more control and flexibility such as being able to market a way you think will make the most of your book. However, I’m sure high royalties on a monthly basis play a huge role.

20-30% of Bestsellers are Regularly Self-Published Titles

Online stores such as Amazon have opened up huge doors for people who have written great books but would otherwise not be able to publish their books. These titles now regularly make up 20-30% of bessellers. At the end of April this year, 50% of the bestsellers were self-published!

How Do Online Markets Work?

Online stores work in a completely different way to your brick and mortar stores. With the later customers see your book in all its glory.

– They can take in the subtleties off the cover with it being full size.
– They can browse through the full book.
– They tend not to be in a great hurry

With online stores, the reverse is true.

– Customers generally only get to see a thumbnail image. Any subtleties are missed. If the thumbnail doesn’t make an impact then you have lost the sale!
– Customers get to see the front 10% of your book. If the first 10% of the book is Acknowledgements, Foreword, Dedications etc then that is all the reader will see. Because they haven’t been able rto see the actual book content then they will move on.
– Customers generally give your book seconds to make an impact. They are looking for instant gratification and there are millions of books to choose from.

In addition to the quality of your book and the scope of your niche, a large part of your success on online stores such as Amazon will be the knowledge of how the algorithm works and the psychology of the readers.