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About Get Publishing

Get Publishing is a service that gives authors the resources they need to get their books published and promoted online. For authors, this is a valuable service because the online market offers the opportunity to write bestselling books with far fewer barriers and costs than traditional publishing routes.

At Get Publishing, we think that authors should have control over how their books are sold and marketed. We believe that you, as an author, should hold the rights to all the design work we contribute to your book. This means that, when publishing with us, you maintain the rights to everything associated with your book, right down to the cover image. As the idea of an author’s ownership is key to our philosophy, we also believe that any royalties earned through online stores or their agents should be delivered directly to you.

Get Publishing puts you in the driver’s seat. While we can do all the publishing work for you, you remain in control and retain full rights to our contributions.

Our services exists to serve you the author, and it is our goal to give you a far better experience than you would get with our competitors at a reasonable price – and we guarantee that there are no hidden costs!

Please take time to explore our website and examine the wide range of services we offer at great prices.

So what are you waiting for?

Get Publishing!