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Author Central – Your Amazon Author Page

Author Central allows you to set up an author’s page on Amazon which many people say is far more effective than a website. The author’s page is your chance to personalise yourself and your books. It has often been proved that people like to buy from people they know and the author’s page will make your potential buyer feel as if they know you more

There are two Author Central sites you need to bother with:


It comes as a surprise to most people that you have to fill in your information on more than one site. For the most part it is just a  case of copying information from one to the other but the .com  version allows you to enter more information. I suppose it gives you more flexibility to add country specific information such as events.

If you have the type of genre where people like to ponder on  whether your book is for them then the Author Central pages may be very important. Conversely with some genres it probably isn’t worth your while.  

Unless you are heavy into social media & multimedia then adding your Biography, a photo & your books will suffice. If you do have any relevant events coming up then add them to your listing.

Generally Amazon will automatically add your  books but their software isn’t foolproof. If you are considering putting information up on the Author Central sites  then please have a look at what other authors in your genre are doing for guidance.

As with Shelfari, even if the readers don’t take any notice of this information, the Amazon algorithm will.