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eBook Packages


Full Text Typesetting

Professional typesetters will manually craft your manuscript using InDesign including using a layout and typefaces that are chosen specifically to match the genre of your ebook.

eBook Formatting

Your ebooks will be produced in the latest formats (KF8 & ePub3). This means that your ebooks will display well across all applicable platforms, but that you can also take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of newer devices.

Bespoke Cover Design

We know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but readers do just that. When publishing with us, professional designers will create a stunning cover image using InDesign that will maximise the potential of your ebook.

Interior Images

Images can enhance the reader’s experience of your ebook, and we are happy to insert up to 10 images at no extra cost. Please contact us for a quote if you would like to insert more than 10 images.

Maximum Word Count

Please contact us for a quote if your book length is longer than this.





Proof Copies

You will receive a proof digital copy of your ebook to approve before it is published. This will be supplied in Kindle format.

Amazon Kindle Listing

We will list your ebook on Amazon through your KDP account (we will create one if you don’t have one).
NB We recommend that you have your ebook version listed only on Amazon initially to take advantage of their Select Program (see Select Program).

Barnes and Noble and Apple’s iBookstore via Lulu

We will list your ebook (ePub version) with the above stores if you are not taking advantage of Amazon’s Select Program.

ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

An ISBN will be allocated to your ebook (where applicable). This will enable you to sell your ebook anywhere you please.
NB You can obtain a free ISBN yourself from Amazon and Lulu to use on their respective platforms but you will not be able to use these ISBNs elsewhere.

Rights to Your eBook

You retain full rights to your ebook and have control over your listings.


Royalties of up to 70% of the sale price of your ebook will be paid directly to you on a monthly basis by Amazon & This is subject to their minimum payouts.

In-depth Keyword, Category and Pricing Research

We conduct Amazon listing analysis, Amazon search engine analysis and Google search engine analysis resulting with an optimised range of options.

Categories Chosen to Maximise Sales

Depending upon your genre, categories can be crucial to your ebook’s success. We will select your ebook’s categories (unless otherwise instructed) as we are uploading the details to make it available for sale. More categories can be added using Shelfari (for Shelfari, see below).

Adjusting Categories

Some categories will be more suitable when your ebook is first launched (‘big fish in a little pond’) and others may work better when your book is selling well. We monitor the categories and will inform you when we believe the time is right to change. You are however free to change categories as and when you please.

Keywords Chosen to Maximise Sales

Keywords can be crucial in allowing potential readers to find your ebook online. They are used in all online stores and also to list your ebook on Shelfari and LibraryThing. We will identify the best keywords to use for your specific ebook to maximise your sales potential.

Description Optimised for both the Reader and the Amazon Algorithm.

Amazon’s algorithm is how Amazon organises all of its data and works out which products to recommend. One of your keys to success is persuading Amazon that your ebook is the best ebook to recommend to readers who fit a particular profile, but once those readers click on your ebook your description also needs to entice them to buy. We make sure that your ebook description is written in a way that is appealing to both Amazon and the individual reader.

Advanced Kindle Listing

The optimum keywords, categories, description and price will be uploaded to your listing. We recommend a low price for your ebook to begin with until you receive a few reviews and the ebook moves up the Best Sellers Rank.

Author Central (.com & Listing

Author Central is a tool that allows you to upload details such as a photo, biography, video and events. Your readers can request to be emailed when you bring new ebooks out, there are social media links, and a list of all the books/ebooks written by you that are available on Amazon.


With Shelfari you can make a real showcase of your ebook both to your reader and the Amazon algorithm. Among many other things, you can include editorial reviews, a list of comparable books/ebooks and awards you have won. It also includes the option of adding additional categories and keywords.

Reviewers List

We will provide you with contact details of reviewers (if contact details are available) who gave reviews for comparable ebooks.

Book Blogger Yellow Pages

Getting your ebook featured on blogs is generally free and invaluable marketing for you and your ebook. We will provide you with a directory with over 800 pages of book bloggers that you can contact to promote your ebook.


LibraryThing is a platform that reaches almost 2 million readers. We will submit your ebook, upload an ebook excerpt, and set up a promotional competition for your ebook. We will supply you with a list with contact details to the competition entrants.

Targeted Facebook Advertising Campaign

We will run a targeted Facebook advertising campaign to people who actively participate in groups related to your ebook.

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