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Funding For Your Book

As an author you may be wanting a little bit of cash to help you through your time writing.

You may have thought that the only way you can receive any type of funding is through a contract with a big publisher.

Today’s online world  offers something called crowd-funding.With crowd-funding you can get people to pledge money towards your book. In return people are very willing to have in return such things as signed copies or there name mentioned in the book somewhere. For a large pledge you may even want to rename a character after them.

It is all a matter of imagination as to what you could offer in return to a pledge

If this kind of things interests you then website to look at include: Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Unbound, or Pubslush.

It may not be your thing but it is an option if you need extra funding to write your book or for a big promotion.